Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo, Hawaii

While I’ve shared countless tips and advice to those keen on working on the ship, I haven’t had the time or the commitment to share more information on the amazing places and tours I did!

I know this is a super duper long overdue post lol.

How it all happened was that a dear friend and colleague got me to book the tour as I hardly did anything in Hawaii. She clearly stressed that I should get the “doors off” tour, so I did!

I booked the Doors-off Lava & Rainforest Adventure from Paradise Helicopters – link here – I’m in no way paid for this, just that I truly enjoyed the experience and if you’re looking for a reputable company, Paradise Helicopters are amazing. All helicopter tours run from Hilo Airport and the website should be able to provide you with more details. We had a little safety talk before the ride and everyone was professional and super pleasant.

Unfortunately though (or fortunately idk seeing that now the volcano situation in Hilo is pretty intense), there wasn’t much volcano activity on the day of my tour. It rained a little bit and there were hardly any lava but we did get a little peep when we flew above the crater. What can I say? Mother Nature knows best. But I did enjoy my first helicopter ride – without doors for that matter.


I returned to Hawaii again on my last contract with the Grand and I believed that the volcano affected “some” parts of Hilo but the town and central area is fine. I’m not too sure about the current condition of the volcano now but do check with the service providers if you’re interested to do a tour.



Bangkok Calling!

Going for a mini vacation to BKK tomorrow! Haven’t been back since 2011 so I’m really looking forward to this trip and of course, the food and shopping! Traveling with my bestie again after 7 years as well, crazy how time passed by huh?

Anyway, updates will always be on my insta @o_ree_ly so see ya guys on this space soon! Still waiting for my contract and losing patience so this getaway is a really good idea at this moment!

The frustration that’s been killing me…

Lately I’ve been super frustrated just waiting for e-mail replies that never came.

Replies for my insurance claims – Nothing.

Replies about my next contract – Nothing too.

It’s super annoying especially when it involves money and planning and I don’t mind if you tell me that “sorry, it’s been very busy in the office but I’m on it and will get back to you as soon as possible”, little things like that which would have easily given me a peace of mind but NO! everything is being swept under the carpet, grrr.

So rant over, I’m currently still on vacation and waiting for my contract. On the plus side, I’ll be heading to Bangkok for the weekend soon which is nice.

I know I’ve neglected this blog for a little bit. In a way, I think staying away for a bit is good for the soul.

A Year of #Shiplife.

So what’s changed?

A lot.

Mostly perspective. And plenty of soul. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful places I’ve never dreamed of and the best people you can ever meet.

And the worst. The absolute *f*kin* worst. (Excuse my language). You have the ones that lift you and support you through your good and bad times and the ones that cheat, used and abused you.

I don’t let my experience stop me from going on with my life. Yes, I find myself wary of new relationships, second guessing people and their kindness. But I don’t and I won’t let these experiences change the person I am. I’m not really spiritual nor religious but the Light will always shine through the Darkness. And of course, I believe in Karma.

I know I’m digressing from the topic but right now I’m in a pretty broken and angry place. I’m not mental, hell no. But I am broken. But the broken pieces made me and that’s how I shall embrace it.

#Shiplife sounds pretty scary eh? It’s super fun, really. I love to be on the ship. Certain parts I don’t enjoy that much but I can tolerate but overall, I can see myself doing this for a little while – until I figure out what to do back home. Just an advice – trust but trust your gut the most. Love but love yourself first.




Quote of the Day

“Mother told me a couple of years ago, ‘Sweetheart, settle down and marry a rich man.’ I said, ‘Mom, I am a rich man.” -Cher-
*Screams* So much respect! 

Just love to start my day off feeling empowered, Happy Sunday people!

Stepping back.

Hola peeps!

Just came back from a vacation to Spain with mum!

Took lots of pictures but too lazy to upload all of them – I’m active in my Instagram so you guys could always follow me at @o_ree_ly to check out the pictures.

Staying home still for now – rotation’s not til mid July so plenty of time to muck around but I don’t want to spend too much so it’s all pretty much stay-at-home, save money or go out, spend money struggle. Meanwhile I’m making plans to sort of keep myself occupied and to keep myself busy. I mean it’s great to get so much free time but it sucks when it’s too much sometimes. Get what I mean?

So I’m also scheduled for a little surgery the day after tomorrow as well but not too sure if I’m able to go ahead with it because of the flu I’m having (darn the Rain in Spain lol). If it goes through then I’ll be resting it out for about a week I guess before I’m able to do something…productive.

I know I haven’t been touching on #shiplife much ever since I came back but if you guys have any questions, hit me with them and I’ll try to answer them the best I can. For now I’m taking a little step back and trying to focus on just my own well being (does that make sense?). Like there are parts of my life that needs healing and parts of me that I’m not happy with that I’m planning to look into.

Adios for now, going to try to sleep off the jetlag.

Goodbye to you.

It’s as if you died.

I don’t know how to mourn for you. Should I be sad? Should I be angry? 

I know we most probably will never meet again. But there’s just a tiny ray of hope that maybe, someday.

Someday I could finally understand your feelings.

Thirty, flirty & thriving?

I love Thirteen Going on Thirty.

I watched it before when I was younger, probably in my teens and envisioning the time when I finally turn 30…

Guess what? The reality is coming, wtf.

In the movie, the lead (played by Jennifer Garner) is a female magazine editor living in NYC, has a hot boyfriend and her apartment looks like a penthouse. Guess that’s pretty much what “success” is like for most people. So what about me? What have I achieved?

I know it’s really unhealthy to compare yourself to others but most of the time it happens. So instead of looking at what I’ve achieved so far, I’m going to visualize the things I WANT to achieve – be it 30, 31, 35 or whatever (it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the quality of the achievement, lol.)

  1. Move out of the slums. We moved here awhile back because we sold our house to pay some debts but I want to find somewhere else to stay now. Somewhere with a beautiful house with large windows.
  2. Debt-free & cash-rich.
  3. Protect my heart. Not gonna give anything to anyone undeserving no more, it takes too much time and pain. Poor guy will have to really go the extra 100 mile this time.
  4.  Learn Spanish. Learn to salsa (I’M SERIOUS!)
  5. Enrol in a course. (I’m currently in between finance and gemstones – so much difference, maybe I can do both?)
  6. Gym hard, like for real.
  7. Erm, Mercedes C200 please.
  8. Diving license, nuff said.
  9. I want to learn something from my culture and heritage – like how to make these amazing looking dumplings
  10. See more of the world, meet more amazing people along the way and soak up as much vitamin sea as I can.


When I first started this blog – I pretty much struggled to find a name.

This blog is meant as an outlet for my thoughts and of course mainly life on board because which Malaysian actually works on a cruise ship? (well maybe like 5, haha, kidding but not really!)

How Runawaylight came about was this song “Wherever You Will Go”that came with the lyrics “…run away with my heart, run away with my hope, run away with my love…”.

None of those could apply as a domain name so light it was. I feel like a little spark of light. Pretty much one of the reasons I went to the ships was because I was running away.

Running away from my feelings. One after another the men I’ve dated seem to keep disappointing me. I’ve had enough. I needed to get away and keep myself busy. Seeing the world seems like a great option. Little did I know…


Home at last!

Finally home from my second contract! Right now I’m still recuperating from jet lag and ship fatigue (if that’s even a valid word) but I’ll bounce right back to blogging and creating more informative content about shiplife!

Meanwhile I’m really enjoying my time doing nothing and not having alarms after alarms and having to run off to the next “must do” on my list – utter bliss! I finally managed to get my grubby hands on my laptop after leaving it home for 5.5  months – just wanna say that there is nothing as amazing as the feeling of a keyboard compared to using a cell phone for internet. NOTHING COMPARES!!!

Anyway, I’m just busy deleting e-mails from 5 months back (just arrived home like 4 days ago so bear with me!) so do stay around for more stories and updates!