Bangkok Calling!

Going for a mini vacation to BKK tomorrow! Haven’t been back since 2011 so I’m really looking forward to this trip and of course, the food and shopping! Traveling with my bestie again after 7 years as well, crazy how time passed by huh?

Anyway, updates will always be on my insta @o_ree_ly so see ya guys on this space soon! Still waiting for my contract and losing patience so this getaway is a really good idea at this moment!


The frustration that’s been killing me…

Lately I’ve been super frustrated just waiting for e-mail replies that never came.

Replies for my insurance claims – Nothing.

Replies about my next contract – Nothing too.

It’s super annoying especially when it involves money and planning and I don’t mind if you tell me that “sorry, it’s been very busy in the office but I’m on it and will get back to you as soon as possible”, little things like that which would have easily given me a peace of mind but NO! everything is being swept under the carpet, grrr.

So rant over, I’m currently still on vacation and waiting for my contract. On the plus side, I’ll be heading to Bangkok for the weekend soon which is nice.

I know I’ve neglected this blog for a little bit. In a way, I think staying away for a bit is good for the soul.