Stepping back.

Hola peeps!

Just came back from a vacation to Spain with mum!

Took lots of pictures but too lazy to upload all of them – I’m active in my Instagram so you guys could always follow me at @o_ree_ly to check out the pictures.

Staying home still for now – rotation’s not til mid July so plenty of time to muck around but I don’t want to spend too much so it’s all pretty much stay-at-home, save money or go out, spend money struggle. Meanwhile I’m making plans to sort of keep myself occupied and to keep myself busy. I mean it’s great to get so much free time but it sucks when it’s too much sometimes. Get what I mean?

So I’m also scheduled for a little surgery the day after tomorrow as well but not too sure if I’m able to go ahead with it because of the flu I’m having (darn the Rain in Spain lol). If it goes through then I’ll be resting it out for about a week I guess before I’m able to do something…productive.

I know I haven’t been touching on #shiplife much ever since I came back but if you guys have any questions, hit me with them and I’ll try to answer them the best I can. For now I’m taking a little step back and trying to focus on just my own well being (does that make sense?). Like there are parts of my life that needs healing and parts of me that I’m not happy with that I’m planning to look into.

Adios for now, going to try to sleep off the jetlag.


One thought on “Stepping back.

  1. Wow…im excited with your #shiplife updates…hmm…what cruise are you going to join?.

    Hope i can get a reply…
    Im planning to do my account here at wordpress…but im not able to come up with a name..hahaha..jz sharing…

    Tc ms.khaw


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