The Journey of Adulthood

It’s 2.10 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

I am sleepy, yet unwilling to shut my eyes.

Time seems to go by so fast, too quickly. Certain things seemed a little unclear, some events seemed to pass on almost instantly. Wonder why my mind wandered to quick oats at the thought of this. I’m not a fan of oats but those buggers seem to be ready to eat once the hot water touches. Life – just like quick oats.

Now there’s also the case of me dropping shit-loads of hair, either a sign of stress or bad nutrition – or maybe just really shitty shampoo. Perhaps a combination of all three things, seeing that some of the fallen hair are broken strands rather than proper ones with the little root.

So I’ve been wondering. A lot. About life and the things in life, mostly about how people eventually grow up and settle down. And how I do not wish to settle for anything or anyone less than worthy. The next question, worthy of what?

My respect.

Which then continue to the next question, what kind of life is a respectful life? What kind of person will you respect? In my opinion, anyone with an honest living deserves respect. But someone who works hard to constantly improve while having compassion for others, now that is something hard to come by.

Because I’ve been running thoughts again and again in my head, I have to find that person. Or who knows, he might find me. But because I’ve had these thoughts in my head for a while, I am going to try to be that person. A compassionate being, driven yet emphatic. Why? Because in spite of everything, the world still needs love.